The Island of Theimor

The island of Theimor, found roughly 300 years ago as a fishing colony on an island to the south of Easthaven has boomed and many people have made their fortune there.
It is home to the Kylvas, the Grandmaster and prophet of the Druids and Folknir, a legendary folk hero who is said to have killed the Necromancer.
There are many troubles though surrounding Seagate including slavery, a perpetual storm that prevents anyone from leaving and unrest amongst the barbarian tribes to the north.

A small market town with an abundance of fishermen.
The current mayor is the widely loved and talented Jesse Hughes, after being rescued by a group of adventurers he has poured all of his efforts into combating the slavery problem on Theimor.

The capital of Theimor, ruled by Guildmaster Bracksleigh.
Originally just a small fishing colony, many wealthy merchants and business people saw this island as an opportunity and after eventually started building the colony into the city of Rayton that is it now.
Unfortunately, ethics isn’t something that the local populace is concerned with; mass produced Golems are sent to the forests to gather wood and overfishing (and careless fishing) has severely damaged the local wildlife, the Druids are not pleased.

Once an ancient Elven town which has been forgotten for millennia, it is now a haven for Druids where they can live peacefully.
The Golem-headed workforce has been approaching the borders of Bywald in recent months, the few encounters between Golem and Druid have always ended violently.

A range of mountains which is home to the barbarian tribes. Most of the tribesmen do not venture away from the mountains unless they are undertaking their rite of passage.
The temperament of the barbarians depend on what tribe they’re from, but most of the tribesmen who venture away from the mountains are peaceful.
The people of Spearpoint rarely deal with outsiders unless they are trading with the druids who they offer protection to in exchange for potions, medicine and sometimes food when times are hard due to Hill-Giant attacks.

Daylen Cove
Named after the Elven Sorceror who resides here, it is known that the pirates responsible for the slavery problem come and go here. Unfortunately no one has managed to breach the impossible sea defences or survive the magic death traps on the land surrounding the cove.

The Island of Theimor

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