The Human Kingdom of Kiaaton

Ruled by King Roland II, the largest known Human nation seems to be the centre of all activity on Leighta despite the young age of both the nation and its dominant race.

The capital of Kiaaton, with the tragic death of King Roland Hargon II and Queen Corora their son Ralphis took the crown and has since ruled with his radical anti-wizard views.
Since Ralphis came into power there has been a crackdown on wizardry due to many people fearing it due to the Necromancer’s conquest 20 years ago; it is now illegal for people to practice magic outside of an official Wizard’s school and can be punishable with death. Sorcerors who are naturally gifted with magic are often taken by force to the nearest Wizardry school so that they can learn to control their power and any warlocks who gain their powers from greater beings are killed on site.
It is rumoured that Ralphis’ older sister was supposed to take the throne, but noblemen rejected the idea of her rule in favour of her younger brother.
The main attraction of Turgus however, is the district of the arts; many races and people come together from all over the world to share their wines, cultures, languages and customs.

The second largest city in Kiaaton.
Ruled by Lord Harlan, this coastal town sees many adventurers and mercenaries looking to make their fortune.
After becoming very rich due to its many trades, festivals and extortionate (and unnecessary taxes), the city council Lord Harlan has been ambitiously planning on expanding his borders.

Ruled by the widowed Lady Elisif Virly, Clearfall was originally an outpost for the Southern Gnomes of Etrelia until the late lord Morgan began building it up to a respectable city.
Despite being a peaceful haven the hold has a dark past, it was one of the first holds to fall and once the Orc settlers were driven away Lady Elisif reclaimed her Late Husband’s land and started her paranoid rule.

Previously ruled by the harsh William Tarn who has gone into exile after king Roland branded him a traitor.
Politically, no one knows who rules over Ironpass but whoever (or whatever) does still rules with the same iron fist that Tarn once did.

Home of the guild of champions and the arena.
The honour bound Wolver Skandraf, head of the Guild of Champions unofficially ruled the small city of Koros since the late lord Dakqarius died at the hands of William Tarn during the war.
Many Barbarians from the east often make a pilgrimage to Koros to pay their respects to the guild (as well as to enlist the strongest from their tribes to it).
Despite being sacked 20 years ago the city was very quickly reclaimed by the incredibly pissed-off Guild of Champions.

People are often warned to completely avoid the roads surrounding Torfod due to the masses of cut-throat bandits and thugs who respect only the gold they will pick from your corpse.
Ruled by Lady Haris Lynfiend who has tried in vain to combat the crime since the death of her husband by the hands of Finn Flint.
One result of briefly being taken over by the Necromancer is the surge of Half-Orcs who have contributed to the rising crime in the city.

Ruled by the powerful Archmage Nilus Ridior, Dil is home to the Council of Wizardry and Arcana.
Since King Ralphis’ unpopular decision to outlaw magic outside of a school came into practise the city of Dil has become a haven for people to practice their craft without fear of punishment, assuming that they still practice magic lawfully.
It can be argued that Dil suffered the most during the Necromancer’s dark war, months after the Illithid-headed Zombie infestation the weakened city was invaded once again by the Necromancer’s horde.

Known for its high population of Dwarves seeking their own fortunes and Barbarians seeking the most powerful steel they can get their hands on.
It is also the birthplace of the Holy order of Paladins which is looked over by the old Dwarven Grandmaster; Sir Gavalin Formoth.
Formoth is also responsible for advising the inexperienced lord Traster Fyson.

The Human Kingdom of Kiaaton

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