Penton Post

The travelling priest


A well travelled priest of Bahrie, the goddess of the mind, body and healing.
His travels have brought him all around Leighta.


Penton was born in the small village of Hambledon just outside the city of Turgus.
He was born the son of Pendrew, a messenger for the mages between Turgus and Dil. When Penton was only 8 years old his father took him on one of his trips to deliver and important message and from this point the child fell in love with travelling and the exploration of new places.
As soon as he was old enough he left Hambledon in search of adventure.

He struggled at first to find work until he stumbled upon a travelling priest of Bahrie.
He travelled with this priest until becoming a priest of the same god several months after, upon becoming a priest he ‘accidently’ fell in love with a young priestess named Penelope. The two ‘broke their vows’ one night and in order to escape the consequences Penton began to travel just as his old priestly friend did before.

For the next 15 years Penton crossed all of Leighta spreading the message of Bahrie, performing marriages, births, healings and funerals.
After learning about the goblin raids and war camps along the south coast of Kiaaton he believed that the locals needed the help of a priest so he signed up with a group of mercenaries to assist with their efforts…

Penton Post

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