Finn Flint (deceased)

The pirate


An infamous pirate who has travelled the seas, enslaved a small island, killed a lord, raided several fishing villages and even survived his fair share of mutinies.
He is currently stuck ashore, escaping justice as it chases him wherever he goes.

He met his fate at the hands of the necromancer only to eventually be revived as one of her thralls.
The party met the thrall of Finn after discovering the mask of Electro-Magnetism.


After living in a pirate town for the early part of his life Flint decided he would become a clean cut merchant so as not to follow his father (Known as father Flint to everyone). He successfully joined a company that sold rare herbs. On a voyage the ship was attacked by pirates and the whole crew was put to the sword or captured apart from Finn Flint who escaped imprisonment by swapping clothes with a dead pirate and convinced the pirates that he was captured by the merchants in a failed pirate attack. The Pirate Captain then asked Flint to prove himself by killing one of the prisoners taken (who was the Captain of the merchants).
Flint then crewed on the Pirate ship, The salty mermaid, for three years and gradually worked his way up to first mate. He and the captain became notorious for their brutal sackings of fishing villages. One day he discovered the captain had been planning on selling him to the authorities so during that night he led a mutiny and slit the captain’s throat. However he discovered that the rest of the mutineers wanted to munity against him as well and he was forced to walk the plank.
He was found washed up on the shore by some people who recognised who he was from the bounty posters and he was then taken to Torford and sentenced to be hung. However he managed to daringly escape and killed the husband of Lady Haris Lynfield when the lord tried heroically to stop him escaping. He then made his way to the coast and stole a large naval ship which he made into his first proper command- The Black Hurricane.
Flint spent the next part of his life pirating and in these years Flint became infamous for his merciless killing and robbing (and brutally hunting down the members of the crew who mutinied against him on The Salty Mermaid). After ten years as Leighta’s most infamous pirate he disappeared from Leighta and travelled to distant lands for three where he got his sleeve gun from an inventor who Flint killed to ensure that he was the only person with such a weapon. After an unfortunate mix up involving a king of one of the distant lands daughter and Finn nearly being hung for a second time Finn decided it was time to return to Leighta.
When Finn returned he realised lots of money could be made from the slave market and so launched an attack on one of Etrelia’s smaller islands and made all the gnome inhabitants of the island into slaves and sold them on the black market. After about half a year Finn realised that he did not have the strength to withstand the entirety of Etrelia’s army who were being sent to deal with him and take his island back so he gathered his crew and sailed away setting any gnomish slaves he encountered on the island free as long as they gave him something of worth. He thought he had escaped with all his loot when The Republic of Poriscort’s ships appeared (who had been asked for by Etrelia’s king to help bring Finn to justice). Flint decided it was time to fight but his crew decided to turn him over instead and locked him in a cabin until the enemy ships boarded and collected him and hoped that they would let them go free. But when they arrived Finn was gone having escaped the cabin and taken a long boat to the shore. The Gnomish forces didn’t believe the crews tale and thought Flint must be hiding on the ship so they took (and eventually hung his crew) and kept his loot and then destroyed The Black Hurricane.
Since then Finn Flint has been on the run for 6 months.

Finn Flint (deceased)

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