The Gnomish Countries

The Republic of Poriscort

Home of the light skinned Northern Gnomes, the inhabitants here are known for their advances in technology in recent years since the construction of The Mirror Tower Network which was a massive country-spanning project that involved building a series of towers that could channel magical energies around the whole of Poriscort.

The country itself is a democracy, overseen by brave inventors and powerful magicians who have each contributed something large in the past to earn their place in the Gnomish Council of Poriscort.

Thanks to their advancement in technology, these gnomes no longer need guidance from the Gods and have abandoned their Faith to the divines.

The Province of Etrelia

Home of the nature-loving dark skinned Southern Gnomes.
They disagree with the northern gnome’s use of magic and their manipulation of it, they believe that magic should be respected for what it is; not used to power unnatural technologies.

Despite their views on the Gnomes of Poriscort, they do however use the power of magic to harnass the power of nature, it is a well known fact that the Gnomish King Olofri Petward has the ability to breath life into anything; converting barren deserts into lush pastures.

The Gnomish Countries

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