Tellius, the last home of the elves

The elves on Leighta are a dying breed; The elves on the mainland are constantly being hunted down by the savage orcs of the wilderness and have been driven back to the Island of Tellius.
Another problem faced by the elves is their near-infertility, it takes centuries for elves to replenish a small population even with the druid magic that they favour.
Since being driven back and almost crippled, the three surviving elven races now put in all their efforts to protect and fight for what they still have left.

The dextrous and strong High Elves fiercely protect the borders of Tellius and what land they have left in the wilderness, they are by far the most common of elves but are still a rare sight anywhere else on the continent of Leighta.

Many of the Sylvan elves refused to leave the wilderness when the others were forced back and as a result have set up strong nomadic tribes who patrol the wilderness, trying to take back their home bit by bit.

The rarest of the elves are the Grey Elves, these elves are the most adept spellcasters and even a young Grey Elf can potentially boast more power than most Accomplished Human wizards.
The king of the elves, King Valendril Lohhën is an intensely powerful Grey Elf with near-godlike powers that he obtained after the death of his beloved wife and children at the hands of the great evil that took over his old Kingdom before is was reduced to the savage wastes known as the wilderness.


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