King's Rock

King’s Rock, home of the mountain people

Ruled by the Barbarian King Tussk, the people of the mountain ranges of King’s Rock are a proud race of hardy men.
Technically, King’s Rock is part of the Kingdom of Kiaaton but King Roland and King Tussk tend not to bother each other out of a sign of mutual respect.

Unlike the tribes in the wilderness, the Barbarian clans of King’s Rock are generally peaceful and will only fight if provoked, having said that many Barbarians are quick to anger and there aren’t any laws stopping Barbarians from fighting anyone whether they’re a visitor or clansmen.

Just like the Elves, they also face trouble from the Wilderness and rely on the mountain ranges to keep them safe from the many savage tribes who have forced many Barbarians out from their old home in the wilderness.

King's Rock

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