Keldagrim, Kingdom of the Leightan Dwarves

The dwarves of Keldagrim tend to keep to themselves (and their abundance of gold).
There is an incredibly strict caste system which is near impossible to break away from unless of course an individual Dwarf were to commit an act of great importance (equal to slaying a dragon).

Dwarves of a lower caste are seen as ‘scum’ by the higher castes, they have little rights and own little gold, many poor Dwarves have been known to shamefully escape to Deepbourne to get away from this lifestyle.

The king of the Dwarves, Korfak Sapphirehelm cares little for the dwarves of the lower castes and would happily kill many of them for the sake of expanding his realm ever so slightly.
Korfak’s daughter however, Narri opposes her father’s tyrannical rule and has tried in vain to let her voice be heard against his.


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