Finn's pistol

A small and unpredictable wrist-mounted pistol of Gnomish design that can be quickly drawn at any given time.

weapon (ranged)

Although it isn’t reliable in combat due to it’s chance of malfunctioning and incredibly long loading time, this unique item is still capable of dealing a large amount of damage to an unsuspecting opponent at short range (and notice).


Finn Flint, the infamous pirate and captain of the now sunken Black Hurricane managed to get his hands on this contraption from a gnomish inventor known as Gillaum Blouphrie.

Although it isn’t known whether Finn took the pistol by force or paid Gillaum to make it; it is known that the gnome ended up dead not long after the pistol was finished to ensure that no one else apart from Finn got hold of any other pistol like this.

Finn's pistol

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