Mr. Magic


A large 978 year old Panther Chameleon with a rather large fancy for smoking pipes. He is very loyal to his companion Mordecai Mulsini and knows all there is to know about the drug trade in Leighta. He spends the majority of his time sat above Mordecai’s shoulders with his pipe and his magical flying chicken friends Jeff and Culco who only visit while he smokes.

As to why he is sentient chameleon, he doesn’t quite know why.


Mr Magic was born in a very distant and uncharted lands far beyond Leighta 978 years ago. From a young age it was obvious that was different from the other Panther Chameleons because of his large size. He was a quiet and irritable chameleon who soon outlived his family and friends after ten or so years and began to gain great intelligence and knowledge the older he got. After 20 years he was able to say some short and simple words taught to him by a group of pirates who ended up on the strange beach he lived on, they decided to take him with them on their journey’s across the ocean and soon 5 years later Mr Magic was able to have full conversations with the crew, they decided to name him Mr Magic because of his great size, age and intelligence. While travelling with the pirates he learned about the way of the sea and most importantly drugs, he became fascinated by them and was given a perfectly crafted smoking pipe by the captain of the crew for his 27th birthday, to which he smoked the most dazzling and obscure drugs he could find in the land. He lived happy with the pirate crew for the next 20 years until one day they were ambushed by a rival crew and all killed.

Fortunately Mr Magic survived and floated to the shore of a strange small island which had a small fishing village on it. He became the pet of a beautiful young human girl called Mary who he stayed with for as long as her father could supply him with tobacco. He told her of his great adventures across the sea with the pirates and all the magical things he had seen on distant islands and she would listen in awe. He stayed with her for 47 years and watched her grow up, buy a house, get married and have children until she died at the age of 55. He was her best friend and he was distraught, having known that he had outlived someone yet again he began to wonder if he would every die and if he would live with this curse of outliving everyone he loves forever.

He soon left the island on a small raft one of the village children kindly made him and set sail for a new land where he could experience adventure and freedom. He visited many islands and strange lands in search of the perfect drug to smoke, where one day he found and large island completely fuelled by a drug called “Stimuli Huhili” which when smoked would make the user feel absolute happiness and freedom. However the only way to obtain the drug would be to become a monk of the temple in the centre of the island. Desperate to try the drug he visited the temple where he was found by a couple of old monks that decided he was a creature sent down from the gods to bless the island because of his mass intelligence. He went along with what they said became a high priest of the temple, the monks believed that the drug they had on the island was created by gods and was meant to be a way of contacting them while meditating. Mr Magic received much love from all the monks and people on the island and was pampered for years until one day a gang of drug smuggling pirates invaded and pillaged the island killing all the monks and people on it for the drugs they had. Mr Magic cunningly hitch hiked onto one of the pirate’s ships and stayed on while they travelled for 2 years until they reached the island of Leighta.

Leighta has been the home of Mr Magic ever since and he has gained a name for himself as a powerful drug baron on the island for hundreds of years since. He became very good friends with the Bounty Hunter “Siltina Mulsini” who quickly decided to quit the Bounty Hunting business and entered the drug trade with Mr Magic under the new alias of “Mordecai Mulsini”. They have been travelling Leighta with each other ever since.

Mr. Magic

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