Mordecai Mulsini

The renegade wizard


Once a feared man of the law, Mordecai saw his advantage to make money in the drug trade and quickly left the Bounty Hunting business. He is at times very full of himself and often shares personal jokes between him and his chameleon Mr Magic. He is a very powerful wizard and highly regards himself as a menace across the land of Leighta.


Mordecai (Born “Survendrick Siltina”) was born in what is now the wilderness with the Elves. From a young age he went through intense training in the mastery of magic and was hailed as a child prodigy by the elders. His stunning potential made him not so popular with the other young Elves we thought he was weird and hard to talk to, this caused him to be very lonely throughout his childhood. After many years he grew up and became an ambassador for the Elves and protected their paradise with the many other Elven wizards. However soon something came and drew them out of the wilderness and many of them were killed, the remaining of the Elves left for Tellius where they have lived ever since. Survenrick was presumed dead and left behind, when he finally awoke in the woods he assumed everyone was killed and decided to venture out into the rest Leighta and see what it had to offer.
He soon discovered Keldagrim a dwarven city with a very tight rule system. The dwarves paid little respect to Survendrick and so in an attempt to win them over, he slayed a wyvern for them which was successful he was was welcomed with open arms and fed. He also managed to acquire some new extra comfortable robes; however it wasn’t long before he left the city deciding that he was sick of Dwarves and didn’t like them very much. For the next few years he explored the land of Leighta to see the sights and make money. He also soon heard the news that some Elves had survived and left to live in Tellius, outraged by the idea that they would leave him behind Survendrick decided to have a sudden change of life style and became a Bounty Hunter under the new alias of “Siltina Mulsini”. He became very powerful and feared by criminals across the land very soon and was in the Bounty Hunting business for 200 hundred years, until one day he received a Bounty for a chameleon called Mr Magic, a legendary drug baron. He had heard the name before and proceeded to track him down in the hope that he will be handsomely rewarded.
Much to his surprise when he found Mr Magic he was captured by his henchmen. He was a prisoner to the chameleon for 10 years until he eventually decided to start a conversation with him. Miraculously the two them got on unbelievably well and would share stories with one another every night. It was then that Siltina decided he would quit Bounty Hunting and become a drug baron with Mr Magic under his new name of “Mordecai Mulsini”, Mr Magic was delighted to let him in on the team and they have travelled Leighta together performing drug raids and dealings ever since.

Mordecai Mulsini

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