The barbarian.


A mighty barbarian warrior sent by the Barbarian King to retrieve the masks of power.


Folknir was born on the edge of the wilderness and spent much of his childhood in the few safe miles which his uncle
Iarund,the Jarl, kept safe around the village. Folknir was also the heir to become Jarl. Once becoming 12 “coming of age”
Folknir and his brother Sorvarn were sent to plunder small settlements on the outskirts of the wilderness. They became
very successful plunderers and soon became heroes amongst their fellows.
During his late teenage years Folknir’s village was raided by orcs during the night. Luckily Folknir, Sorvarn, Iarund
managed to rally all of the warriors to defend the village. During the battle Folknir saved the shield-maiden Gillaug
from being raped by a member of the village who was taking advantage of the orc raid. Unfortunately whilst Folknir was
distracted by this a large group of orcs captured his brother and uncle and then the orcs left the village.
With most of the more seasoned warriors dead Folknir told all the the remaining warriors to stay behind whilst he set
out by himself to rescue his Uncle and Brother. He soon caught up with the orcs and that night he was about to attck them
when he witnessed Sorvarn making a deal. He was persuading the orcs that they should realise him and kill his uncle Iarund
and then when his Brother returned home he would join forces with them and help enslave the village. The orcs agreed,
on the condition that Sorvarn kill Iarund himself. Sorvarn proceeded to kill Iarund but just before he could Folknir
jumped out from his hiding place and engaged in battle with his brother and the orcs. The enemys numbers were far greater
though and soon Folknir was forced to surrender. Sorvarn made him watch Iarund have his throat cut and was just about
to do the same to Folknir when a spear pierced him in the leg and the shield-maiden Gillaug burst out from her hiding
place cutting down many orcs. Folknir used this opportunity to grap his weapons and started looking around for Sorvarn
but he was gone. Gillaug and Folknir then slew all of the remaining orcs and proceeded home.
As soon as Folknir walked into the village he was arrested. His Brother Sorvarn had returned home before him and told
everyone that it was Folknir who cut Iarund’s throat so he could be Jarl. Folknir demanded trial by combat against his
brother to prove his innocents and Sorvarns guilt. Folknir easily bested his Brother and let him live but be banished
but before he could walk away Sorvarn tried to stab Folknir in the back with a knife. Once again however Gillaug saved
Folknir and threw an axe into Sorvarn. This ment that Folknir was now the Jarl. Over the next few weeks Folknir and
Gillaug married and Gillaug became pregnant and then gave birth to a son, Jargon.
Over the next few years Folknir lead a group of his fellow clans-men to sail out of the wilderness and find new lands in
the west. During this time he was attacked by the pirate ship The Black Hurricane but luckily Folknir managed to escape
before any of his crew members were harmed whilst three members of the Black Hurricane recieved greivous injuries at the
hands of Folknir.
In the west he discovered a rich and furtile land and many of the settlements on the coast were not expecting an attack
from the sea so Folknir and his men became hated by the people of that land with the King personally proclaiming that if
Folknir returned to his land he would avenge his people.
He returned successful and brought much plunder with him. With this plunder he started traiding (and became firm friends)
with the The king of King’s Rock.
After a few years of (relative) peace the The king of King’s Rock turned up personally in Folknir’s village asking
Folknir to go on a mission to find something called the masks of power and to prevent them from falling into the hands
of an evil necromancer. Folknir had no choice but to accept and so he left Gillaug in charge of all the Jalrs duties
and set out with 7 of his best warriors and his 12 year old son to hunt down the maskas and try and take down the
He encontered a group of soldiers from ironpass and the Necromancer early on in his travels and while his group cut down
they cut down all 7 of his warriors in an ambush and Folknir and his son escaped. Now realising that brute force will
stop the necromancer they are trying to get all the masks before the Necromancer becomes too powerful.


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